Deogarh Mahal - Deogarh

An Experiential heritage getaway atop a hill, was built in the 17th century. Deogarh clan were one of largest feudal barons, the Rawat's -the part of sixteen Umraos - attanding on the Maharana of Udaipur. The Mahal was converted into a Heritage Hotel by the Deogarh family members. Who still resides there and is closely associated with the hotel and personally manage it. The care is reflected in the minutest details which have made Deogarh a benchmark of Heritage Hospitality in Rajasthan. Every guest here is special and is treated with the customary Mewari Hospitality.

  • Location : Deogarh is located on the National Highway No 8. and is the midpoint between Ajmer and Udaipur ( both 135 kms from Deogarh ).
  • Distance : Deogarh - Jaipur 295 Kms, Deogarh - Kumbalgarh 85 Kms, Deogarh - Ranakpur - 100 Kms, Deogarh - Jodhpur - 175 Kms, Deogarh - Udaipur - 135 Kms.
  • Accommodation Type : Each room has its own history and unique names they are reflective of a different era, some rooms dates back to 1670 AD, and the decor reflects the Rajput era.
    The rooms are a beautiful mix of Maharaja suite, Royal suites, Deluxe suite and Deluxe rooms.
  • Number Of Rooms :
       Maharana Suites
    (ii)   8 Royal Suites
    (iii)  22 Deluxe Suites
    (iv)  24 Deluxe Rooms
  • Speciality : The location offers a commanding view of the Aravalli mountain range and the numerous lakes , and even peak summers are bearable Activities offered include Village safari in military one tonners, local train ride through a wooded hill section from Deogarh to Phulad in 1930's train, , a walk through the village, boating & bird watching.
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