Raj Niwas Palace - Dholpur

Welcome to this spectacular edifice of Raj Niwas Palace, Dholpur, known for its Red colour Sandstone rather than precious stones. With vibrant history and a rich heritage, the Dholpur Palace today beckons the rulers of the time, to a mesmerizing journey back in time. Dholpur Palace is one of the most beautiful and well preserved heritage hotels in Rajasthan. It is more lustrous than it ever was, having been refurbished extravagantly by the owner. Its simple exterior of unclad brick leaves you unprepared for the sheer opulence of the interiors. The Raj Niwas Palace is one of a kind- a unique example of the Indian fascination for European, and especially Dutch ceramics.

  • Location : On Agra Gwalior Road just 45 minutes from Agra.
  • Distance : Agra - 45 Kms, Gwalior -55 Kms, Delhi - 245 Kms, Jaipur - 280 Kms.
  • Accommodation Type : Palace Suites & Pool Villa Rooms.
  • Number Of Rooms :
    (i)  8 Royal Palace Suites
    (ii) 20 Pool Villa Rooms.
  • Number Of Rooms : A perfect weekend getaway & an ideal destination to experience the Heritage and Wildlife ( Chambal Boat Cruise for Ghariyals, Crcodiles, Turtles & Dolphins, not to forget the bird life ).
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